If I do 1 surgery per week for free and in a year there are 52 weeks

The positive effects on the community are among the more well-known advantages of volunteering. Unpaid volunteers are frequently the thread that binds a community. By volunteering, you may improve your community and strengthen your sense of community. People, animals, and organisations in need can benefit greatly from even the simplest acts of assistance. Additionally, volunteering has mutual benefits for both the volunteer and the cause they are supporting. You may increase your social skills, meet new acquaintances, and grow your network by volunteering your time. Participating in a shared activity with others is one of the finest ways to meet new people and develop current friendships. While some people are extroverted by nature, shy people find it difficult to make friends. Since you routinely interact with a group of individuals who share your interests, volunteering gives you the chance to practise and improve your social skills. Gaining momentum makes it simpler to spread your wings and meet new people. Even though juggling everyone’s schedules might be difficult, volunteering as a family offers many rewarding advantages. Kids observe everything you do. By giving back to the community, you can demonstrate to your children how volunteering makes a difference and how rewarding it is to make a difference for others and animals.

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