If I fall I won’t stay down I will rise up

The film business in Ethiopia is a relatively new phenomenon, as is Ethiopian cinema. Although the Ethiopian film industry is flourishing, a number of problems have prevented it from attaining its full potential. There used to be more live stage theater in Ethiopia, which led to a tiny but thriving stage acting community. Amharic has been used in modernizing Ethiopian films since the 2000s, but because home video and DVD distribution is so common, copyright violations and piracy have slowed down their development. As a result of government intervention and policy imposition, this was decreased in the early 2010s. Despite recent advancements, Ethiopian film production has remained amateurish and low-budget compared to international premieres. Three years after the first motion picture was screened on December 25, 1895, Ethiopia’s first movie theater opened its doors in 1898. However, the growth rate has significantly decreased as a result of ongoing sociopolitical upheaval. Political pressure has caused Ethiopia’s film industry, which has always been identified with national, religious, and cultural roots, to push historical and documentary films.

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