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“If the TPLF comes to attack Amhara, history will repeat itself” A stay with Dr. Sisay Mengiste

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Hours after an inhabitant’s report through online media as for TPLF attack on Ethiopian Defense Forces from three regions, Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed avowed on Tuesday that TPLF has, in all actuality, opened struggle on Ethiopian Defense Force positions in Tigray area.

“TPLF opened attacks on the Military resting walled-in area of the Defense Force in Tigray. It has furthermore tried to loot the Northern request,” Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed made on his electronic media page.

The Defense Force has been nearby for over twenty years to monitor people of Tigray from attacks, is still there on a comparable mission notwithstanding TPLF has started to attack and loot perhaps it is an outcast and assaulting furnished power, Abiy Ahmed incorporated his declaration.

He furthermore announced that TPLF has opened a fight from Dansheha which is in the northwest region in the area.

“Government has been avoiding the fight for people of Tigray. War can not be avoided with an effort from only one substance,” he added, confirming that his organization has headed off to war with Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF).

Additionally, he revealed that the Defense Force is mentioned to do “the mission to secure the country under the organization of Command Post.”

“The red line is crossed,” he said.

In the end line of his electronic media message, he called upon the Ethiopian public to stay aware of calm, follow up enhancements and stay cautious against expected threats, and stay on the Ethiopian Defense Force.

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