If you receive these 8 texts from him you are wasting your time

Many claim that characteristics of modern dating—like texting and IMing—make partnerships difficult. However, they have facilitated communication and made it possible to spot many telltale signals of the direction a relationship is taking very early on. So, when you first start dating, how someone texts or messages you can tell you a lot about how they feel about you. Here are eight texting behaviors that should never be tolerated and should result in you receiving 0 texts from a guy. One-word responses are clearly not passionate demonstrations of feeling. However, infatuation might make us naive and push boundaries in an effort to elicit a response. He’s not really into you if all he sends you is “lol,” “What’s up,” or odd emojis. Don’t respond to his “yes,” “no,” or “ok” to elevate it. Stop texting him if you keep sending him messages and he doesn’t respond. People don’t become very busy at the beginning of a relationship to refrain from responding for extended periods of time. The likelihood is that he is simply not interested in you and is leaving you hanging by claiming to be busy so he can maintain his options and absolve himself of responsibility.

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