If you want land I will give you for free

The best approach to take care of yourself and others is to do good actions! Whatever your area of interest, doing good can bring love to you and those around you. Furthermore, now is as good a time as any to share some optimism while the world is going through a period of uncertainty. You can quickly transform your period of self-isolation into a period of doing good actions by donating your time and abilities with others and spreading kindness online. Nothing can boost your confidence in yourself and your skills like a sense of accomplishment. A sense of accomplishment is possible with volunteer labour! Knowing that you’ve made a contribution to something bigger than yourself can be extremely beneficial to your emotional wellbeing. In fact, according to Mayo Clinic research, volunteering can reduce your chance of developing depressed. And you may easily volunteer your time these days without ever leaving your home! A great approach to give back is to connect with folks who are unable to leave their homes or to schedule a video conversation with someone who may use a friend. It can be challenging to maintain friendships as adults due to our hectic schedules. But connecting with someone, even over video chat, is a terrific way to offer your time and forge relationships! And this is helpful for more than just making new pals with similar interests.

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