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If you want to be wise and respected

Respect is not something that comes to you naturally. You have to earn it. Being respected by those you work with is crucial when you’re in a leadership position. They might value your work habits, knowledge, or negotiation skills. However, respect goes beyond that. You will have truly won the game if you can gain their regard on a personal level. Always be courteous to everyone you encounter throughout the day, including your family, coworkers, and the grocery store cashier. Respect one another as you would like to be respected. Look for things you can do to be more nice. Let the person with one item go in front of you at the grocery store or open the door for the person behind you in the coffee shop. Please and thank you should always be said. Stop being disrespectful by not interrupting, rolling your eyes, or speaking ill of others. These behaviors not only don’t show respect for the person you’re interacting with, but they also discourage or prevent further involvement or problem-solving and drive a wedge that might become permanent. Create a polite listening atmosphere instead. Even if you disagree with someone’s views or opinions, they still deserve to be heard. If you have anything to say, especially if there is a significant problem at hand, think about how you would like to be treated.

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