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I’m 21 years old, I hid my age to make a movie – Mastewal Wondwossen

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Meeting with Ethiopian entertainer Mastewal Wondwossen on Kidamen Keseat show on EBS TV. The presentation comprised of him standing up and moving to his pack from which he eliminated a short phallic staff and a blue and red texture generally worn by the Massai which he folded over himself. He eliminated his telephone from his pocket and grasped it at that point remove a piece of grass starting from the earliest stage. He modeled briefly, these things close by, at that point sat down.

Tamrat regularly embeds execution into his craft practice and he’s notable for painting himself green at the kickoff of his show regarding the matter of environmental change and biological annihilation and his green bike is an effectively unmistakable craftsmanship object and an instrument in his exhibitions. The exhibition at the Circle nursery and Tamrat’s broad work manages the union and struggle between the regular and the artificial world. He frequently utilizes natural shapes and images, close by present day devices to explore this relationship and structure associations of impact, conjunction, and battle.

Execution craftsmanship comprises of different kinds of exercises and is exceptionally affected by other workmanship rehearses; it reliably has the components of time, space, the entertainer’s body, or presence in a medium, and a connection among entertainer and crowd.

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