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I’m so tired of being in the media – Artist Halima Abdurahman

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Meeting with Artist Halima Abdurahman on Seifu on EBS. It appeared to be that unexpectedly everybody finds they have some normal weapons which whenever mishandled might have transformed into Weapons of Mass Destruction! I keep thinking about whether St, Valentine would have said, “Not in my name! For what reason do you need to do it on this day! Wouldn’t you be able to have done it on, say, Thanksgiving day?” There you are! Ethiopians who haven’t voyaged farther than the area of the US consulate in northern Addis commend, pause your breathing, Thanksgiving Day. Thanksgiving what! It resembles “In the event that we can’t go to Las Vegas, we’d bring Las Vegas here!”

Generally, the youthful are put in peril for taking the novel customary energy from our days off. “Look how they are doing our deep rooted method of praising occasions!” Well, all things considered, this is a city that went wild when previous President Barak Obama won his initial term! Our eagerness would have humiliated any American city! Try not to inquire as to whether Obama recognized it or conveyed whatever individuals looked for he would convey!

Alright! We are a day from the Ethiopian New Year. (Cheerful NEW YEAR everybody!) There will be a ton of drinking and moving. Take it from me and saying “Farewell” to the active year wouldn’t damp anyone’s eyes. It wouldn’t meddle with anybody’s pulses. It has been a year where the feeling of melancholy and destruction put such a lot of focus on us inspiring news and encounters end up being far off dreams. Truth be told, the sooner it simply softens away the better it would be. Not that anything would change Monday morning; but rather, in any event, another schedule on the divider brings back a couple of the expectations we have so casually been denied by a thousand and one issues 1,000 of which are artificial.

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