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In Addis Ababa, who, where, With whom will he compete?

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Who are the up-and-comers rivaling the Prime Minister? In Addis Ababa, who, where, With whom will he contend? Addis Ababa has been the primary political focus of the country for quite a long time. Numerous ideological groups are likewise planning strategies dependent on Addis Ababa. This is additionally the situation with the current year’s political race, which is set apart by the presence of unmistakable lawmakers, including the quantity of ideological groups contending in Addis Ababa.

Who are the top government authorities and legislators running for the Addis Ababa City Council and the Addis Ababa House of Representatives? The decision Prosperity Party, Ethiopians for the Social Justice Party, and Balderas for the True Democracy Party have assigned the accompanying lawmakers for the Addis Ababa City Council.

Kirkos-One of where solid rivalry is normal is the Kirkos sub-city. Ethiopians have assigned Kibur Gena, a business analyst and previous leader of the Addis Ababa Chamber of Commerce, for the Socialist Party in Addis Ababa. Flourishing, as far as it matters for its, has named Defense Minister Kenena Yadeta, Education Minister Getahun Mukaraba (Dr. Specialist), and previous Prime Minister’s Press Secretary and current Commissioner for Employment Niki Tilahun to the city chamber.

Nefas Silk – The Prosperity Party has assigned Adanech Abebe as the Deputy Mayor of Addis Ababa City Council. Balderas introduced the detained Democrat, Sintayehu Chokol, as a contender for the post of Deputy Mayor. Yeka – In Yeka Balderas for genuine vote based system, introduced the detained leader of the gathering, Eskinder Nega, to the city chamber.

Bole – In Bole Prosperity Party has named Jantar Abay, Addis Ababa City Administration Deputy Mayor and Coordinator of Public Service Institutions, to the Addis Ababa City Council. Also, Bole Sub-City Administration Chief Executive Officer Mekonnen Ambaye and State Minister of Science and Higher Education Samuel Kifle (Dr.) are running for the gathering. EZEMA Party, Dr. Bezab Demissie.

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