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Incredible animals saving another animal’s life

Many animals, like humans, have been documented to exhibit altruistic behaviour. Altruism is defined as a selfless care for others’ well-being. When another animal is stressed, animals will occasionally put themselves in danger to help a creature in need, and other times they will just provide comfort and attention. Although we don’t always understand why animals act altruistically, these actions reveal the intricacies of animal behavior and cognition. They also make for great content that is both motivational and heartwarming! Here are some cute examples of animals assisting one another! Sriracha the kitten has an uncommon neurological disease that causes her to lose her balance and have seizures. She’ll have very bad seizures on occasion, which will leave her feeling weird for a few days. Batman, the orphaned piglet, became attached to the kitten at one of these periods. When Batman senses Sriracha is having a bad day, he cuddles up to her and keeps her company, as depicted in the video. Sriracha may never have a “typical” cat experience, but she does have something far more valuable: Batman’s friendship.

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