I thought you came so that we can talk about gash Nigatu

Sometimes pride prevents people from getting the help they need because they think it shows weakness to not be able to handle things on their own. Although pride can impact everyone, studies have indicated that males who feel they must project a “strong” image may be more susceptible to it than women because of long-held gender stereotypes. It might be quite tough to ask for help if you’ve previously been turned down, as you may be afraid that this will happen again. Over giving is characterized as a type of self-validation in which you give with the expectation that others will value your generosity and that it will make you feel good. Over-givers frequently struggle greatly to take assistance and may even experience guilt. This differs significantly from giving motivated by generosity rather than a hidden necessity. Common indicators of over-giving include fear that a spouse will leave or be unhappy if you stop giving, as well as continuing to give in situations where you feel empty. People with a victim mindset or mentality believe that awful things continue to happen to them and that the world is against them.

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