How to grow and thicken your hair naturally

Although the texture of the hair follicles cannot be altered, there are numerous techniques to seem thicker, lessen breakage, and stop hair loss. Some of these techniques include massaging the scalp and following a healthy diet. The course of hair loss can vary based on a person’s sex. The hair on top of the head thins due to female pattern hair loss, which usually affects those who are 30 years of age or older. It also mentions that in other places the hair could appear shorter. As of right now, there is no remedy. While home care techniques might be helpful, they shouldn’t be used in place of medical attention for underlying health issues like alopecia or nutritional deficiencies that may be the cause of thin hair. For a few weeks, applying an egg treatment once or twice a week could aid in fortifying and thickening the hair. Omega-3 acids and other nutrients that are vital for general health, including hair health, are abundant in olive oil. Direct use of olive oil aids in the promotion of thicker hair. Additionally, it could hydrate any dry patches of the scalp and soften the hair. Some people mix olive oil with honey. Some advise donning a shower hat and leaving the oil on overnight. Thinning or thin hair can be thickened with a diet rich in protein, healthy fats, and various vitamins. In actuality, thinning hair may indicate a nutritional need.

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