I used to love you since we were in school

You should spend eighty percent of your energy on self-improvement and rest. This is what gives your work its energy and sets it apart from others’. True relaxation is rejuvenation; self-improvement is more than reading books. As people strive to enhance their work, you’re consistently enhancing your own abilities, vision, and capabilities. This reminds me of the seventh principle of Stephen R. Covey: Make your saw sharp. With a dull saw, the majority of people are attempting to cut down their tree, or their “job”. “Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.”?–?Lincoln, Abraham. You will have achieved full mastery in a short time. All the others are attempting to refine their “craft.” Avoid working on your work. Improve yourself. When you do, the job you produce will be considerably superior than what others are laboriously doing. Because you will have matured as a person, your work will be more powerful, clear, and organized. Most of the people you’re “competing” with are flawed individuals. Your performance doesn’t indicate your level of skill. There are many talented people. On the other hand, not many people need to rise to a challenging task. You have to put yourself in situations where a great deal of pressure is applied. pressure that has the power to either make or ruin you. You get rid of your weakness and narrow-mindedness in this way.

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