We celebrated our wedding at Abbay TV

In a conflict, one bleeds less the more they perspire in peace.” There is only the job or the process itself. Outcomes appear and disappear. It’s also never been about the outcome. Achieving success is a given. Because it’s the last thing on your mind, success comes easily. You are already aware that it will occur. What motivates you is the task itself and getting increasingly better at it. Almost everything you do is irrelevant. What important is the reason behind your actions. “What” can and does take on a variety of shapes. Remain detached from a single role. It doesn’t matter if you’re a parent, athlete, writer, leader, or “employee”. What counts is your motivation and then your method of action. Therefore, your approach to anything is the same for everything. People that aren’t scared to tell it how it is are the ones you surround yourself with. You stay away from suckers who tell you only what they believe you want to hear. They are not companions. They have a plan. The path to self-transcendence is working with people who have bigger, more ambitious goals in mind. when the total becomes essentially distinct from the combination of its elements. when the prize is the work itself. surpassing all of your expectations. total receptivity to the opportunities. You’ll never understand this if you’re not always getting better and collaborating with greater individuals.

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