I don’t want nothing to control me expect the law

I received a surprising variety of responses to this question, which was the one I received the most of. You might relate to some, all, or none of the following: “A woman who can love herself and is self-assured is considered strong.” Despite her strong beliefs, she possesses the flexibility, self-awareness, and gentleness to interact with others. “A strong woman is one who accepts and is happy with who she is; she is at ease in her own skin.” In any circumstance, she doesn’t feel the need to prove herself. She feels at ease in the role of mere spectator and listener. Rather than speaking only to express her opinions። Any person, male or female, can be strong, in my opinion, if they have an unyielding conviction about who they are and how they navigate the world (supported by their core values, beliefs, and aspirations). and feeling loved by God, family, and friends, which is the main source of your sense of value as a person. “A strong woman follows her passion, doesn’t back down from a challenge, and doesn’t care what other people think of her. In addition to being kind and compassionate, she is an inspiration to others and a mentor to them. She has a profound understanding. “A strong woman is a people person; she is approachable, pleasant to be around, and motivates others to reach their full potential.

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