We bought gold necklace for our mom

Your objective while writing one-off scripts is to defy audience expectations. The free drink delivery from the hotel sticks out as a pivotal moment since it goes against the customer’s assumption that they will just be checked into their room and not given any special treatment. The one-off script can be viewed as a fun fact that you can utilize to establish a positive first impression with new people. It’s still endearing since you just say it once, during your special meeting, and they don’t hear you say it every day. Commonplace, Repeated Events. On the other hand, it can be a little harder to create joyful moments in locations that people frequent, like cafés. If you experience pleasant surprises on a regular basis, they become less charming. For your regular customers, this might be a nice surprise for a week or two, but after that, it would just become another routine element of their coffee break. In these situations, your plan should be based on variable rewards, which are rewards that appear randomly rather than following a set pattern, making them feel unexpected every time.

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