You have been told to stop what you are doing

You’ll get better film for your reel and more parts to include on your resume as you continue to audition and get cast in additional roles. Think of these resources as records that will evolve and expand with your career. Hire a representative. Gaining experience can help you acquire representation by making an impression on an agency. You’ll be able to access more significant projects and opportunities if you have an agent on your side. Although not all actors require an agent, having one might help you access opportunities that would not otherwise be available. It’s critical that you’re ready for the fact that being an actor doesn’t guarantee success in the conventional sense. Sure, ability plays a significant part in making it big, but so do luck and the appropriate connections. It’s crucial to make sure you’re in show business for the correct reasons because of this. “Actors frequently concentrate primarily on issues like ‘How do I get representation?’ or ‘How do I get work?’ but, if they are just starting out, maybe the first thing to ask themselves is ‘Why do I want to act?'” “Great if it’s about the work and the process; if it’s about fame, that’s a much more elusive goal—and one that will probably leave you disappointed.”

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