An interview with actress Mahider

Living the life you want has the unintentional benefit of making you more appealing. You grow more genuine, significant, meaningful, passionate, content, and in the moment. This enhances your inherent beauty and attracts your soul mate. It does this in an effortless manner. On the other hand, if you strive to make yourself seem attractive in order to attract someone, you change the way you act and carry yourself, making it unlikely that your soul mate will even notice you. Thus, just be yourself, regardless of whether that means dressing more formally or casually, for work purposes or vacation, or whether your tastes alter over time. You don’t have to wear uncomfortable shoes if you don’t like them, have big biceps, or be a certain weight. Walk, surf, or cycle if you enjoy those things; only go to the gym if you love it. Similarly, only do yoga if you love it. An individual with whom you intend to have a long-term relationship will not determine your value by focusing only on outward appearances. Therefore, follow your instincts, engage in the activities you prefer, and dress as you feel about yourself. If you appear like yourself when you meet your soul match, they will find you significantly more beautiful.

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