He said his marriage was not real

Love cannot last on its own. All marriages eventually come to a state of seclusion. You and your partner will grow apart if you don’t actively, compassionately, and sustain intimacy in your marriage. Your marital bond cannot last on its own. It is unable to. Having a meaningful relationship with your spouse takes time, focus, and planning. Successful couples make a conscious effort to spend time together engaging in stimulating discussions and fun activities that fortify their relationship and increase their friendship. If you’ve experienced loneliness in your marriage, you may have tried the conventional suggestion to just spend more time together. Alright. Even after scheduling more dates, becoming friends as a pair, finding a shared interest, and engaging in more sexual activity, you still feel as though there is a huge chasm separating you and your partner. Yes, spending quality time together is crucial. Bring on the full calendar because most of us want to take action and readily believe that taking action equates to fixing a problem. But doing more of the same won’t cut it when it comes to combating loneliness. In actuality, true, long-lasting transformation begins when you remain still, when you first give yourself space to consider and address underlying problems. Put another way, take some time to consider the possible reasons behind your or your partner’s disengagement.

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