Wedding ceremony of artist Arsema and Meskelu

Take some time to get to know oneself by conversing with close friends or keeping a notebook. This will assist you in controlling your self-doubt. Being in the spotlight will make you extremely aware of how you come across and how you act, which can frequently result in severe insecurity. In therapy, some performers find success. You can find there a strong, unambiguous base upon which to stand when confronted with the challenges of celebrity. Being aware of your position on pertinent public topics will also come in very handy during interviews. If you have strong morals, you will always have something to say when someone asks what you think. You can also stay grounded in the view of celebrity from the outside by dating someone who is not famous. Alternatively, you may make it a point to attend significant events by yourself. Try keeping your dating life completely private if you are sensitive to the media tracking your relationships, which can be quite difficult. It may be hard for you to understand what other people think of being famous if you have been well-known for a long period or if you were well-known from an early age. Try to recall your previous opinions about celebrities and their lifestyles.

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