What made Aziza get emotional this much

Emotions are deep and multifaceted. They influence our interactions, choices, and experiences. But getting around them can be challenging. Occasionally, our neural system becomes stimulated and dysregulated due to an overwhelming surge of emotions, a phenomenon known as “emotional dysregulation” according to psychologists. Emotions also need to be managed so they don’t take over your life or endanger your wellbeing, even though they don’t always need to be “controlled.” Thankfully, there are techniques and resources available to assist you in controlling your emotions and effectively handling any intense sentiments you may be having. Being emotionally dysregulated is defined as having trouble regulating, processing, and expressing your emotions. This could be sobbing uncontrollably at a small annoyance or being really furious over a meaningless remark. Although it’s sometimes called “anger management,” emotional dysregulation encompasses far more than just rage. And contrary to popular belief, a lot of us occasionally have trouble maintaining this equilibrium. It’s normal to periodically feel overtaken by our feelings as humans. However, if it occurs frequently, identifying and comprehending the symptoms of emotional dysregulation can assist you in regaining equilibrium and managing your emotions more skillfully.

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