I want people to be the judges in this situation

I told Kelly that in order to increase her luck and have “good luck,” she must first acknowledge that she almost always has some control over the outcome. Next, make an effort to ignore the negative aspects and concentrate instead on what functions well. Next, Kelly attempted to take an unbiased look at her existing circumstances. She understood that all she really needed was a little time away from work and her recently ended romance. Before continuing with her career and personal life, she truly needed some time to get her thoughts in order.
She began working on enhancing the selling features of her company and sought out new, more acceptable investors once her heartbreak had subsided. The factor that makes things, especially good ones, happen by accident rather than as a consequence of your skill or effort is known as luck. Conversely, there are many who attribute unfavorable events in their lives to ill luck. Many individuals believe that luck is something that is innate and that a higher power influences their experiences of good and bad luck. However, the idea of luck might not exist given the billions of people on the planet. You are surrounded by different things and people every day. You can experience both positive and negative outcomes even if you don’t try hard or make a deliberate choice.

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