They have been together through a lot

It was time for the relationship to terminate. After a week or two, it seems necessary to carry on. It’s absurd, but there’s something about the strain and emotional momentum of breakups that makes it surprisingly simple to fall back into a behavior you thought you had outgrown in the recent past. Before you reconcile, the first thing you need to decide is if you should be together at all. The response is unambiguously “no” if the relationship includes manipulation, dishonesty, fraud, abuse verbal, emotional, or physical or substance misuse. Of course, things are rarely simple when you’re in an abusive relationship. That being said, things cannot go on if your spouse hurts you or you hurt them. Breakups may be incredibly painful and heartbreaking. However, most have a purpose. Even while it may not be obvious at the moment, there might have been wisdom in your split. There’s still more to think about: Your ability to think clearly is physiologically impossible when under stress or emotionally intense situations. This is why consulting a reliable buddy for guidance is crucial. Ask your ex-partner whether they think it’s appropriate for you to try to patch things up. And be ready for them to reject you.

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