The man who raised from death 6 times

When you’re given another shot at love, work, or life, you might vow yourself that you’ll do better, but it can be difficult to stay motivated. Choosing smaller, more manageable goals, linking a commitment to a daily habit, and employing reminders are all strategies to help you stick to it. To keep your commitment, seek assistance from a buddy or concentrate on the first one-second portion of a difficult work to get started. You believed you had lost your love but did not. You expected to be fired from your job, yet you were offered another chance. You underwent a biopsy, which was found to be benign. Even if you’re an atheist, you’re likely to think, “Thank God!” during that moment of relief. And you vow yourself that you will do better: be nicer or tougher, work harder or less hard, eat healthier or take a break, whatever. The question is how to maintain your motivation. Will you be any better at following through on your New Year’s resolutions? Maybe one or more of these suggestions will assist. A number of them are new, while the others are derived from past blogs.

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