Football players from that don’t like their family


Footballers in the Premier League typically earn an estimated £30,000 per year, making them the highest paid players in the world. Even though football is a highly lucrative sport, some players who made good money throughout their playing careers have ended up penniless as a result of poor financial decisions, gambling, ugly divorces, or other needless spending. While some have achieved remarkable success. Celestine Babayaro, who had early signs of talent, was a member of the Dream Team that helped Nigeria win the gold medal in the Atlanta Olympics in 1996. Despite earning £25,000 at the height of his career, the former full-back for Chelsea and Newcastle was declared bankrupt at a Croydon court in 2010 after being accused. Liverpool’s John Arne Riise in action. John Arne Riise, who played for over 339 games for Liverpool, 132 games for AS Roma, 98 games while wearing the Fulham jersey, and 116 games for the Norway national team, is probably one of the last players you would think would file for bankruptcy, considering how well-established he was. Surprisingly, though, he had filed for bankruptcy in 2007. The former Liverpool full-back was listed as bankrupt on the government’s insolvency conditions. It was believed that he made well over £30,000 a week. Riise owed the sum of £100,000 in outstanding debt.

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