10 ways to use Vaseline for your face

Most people can safely use Vaseline as a moisturizer on their faces. However, among people who are prone to these symptoms, it may also raise the risk of acne and skin irritation.
Petroleum jelly is commonly known by the brand name Vaseline. It’s a cheap skin care product that you can find at most pharmacies. Although petroleum jelly comes in a variety of formulas, Vaseline’s makers go through a purification process before releasing their product. Most people can safely use Vaseline as a moisturizing moisturizer on their faces. Vaseline is a product that people can use to treat transient skin issues like irritation or dryness. Moreover, vaseline works well as a long-term moisturizer. An oil-based substance called petroleum jelly leaves an oily layer on the skin’s surface. This greasy layer helps to keep skin moisturized and supple by sealing in moisture. On the skin, the same greasy layer that traps moisture also forms a physical barrier. This barrier guards against damaging environmental factors and harsh weather that could harm skin. Although Vaseline is generally safe to use to the face, not everyone may find it appropriate.

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