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Information from Ataye Debre Tabor and Hawassa

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Abel Birhanu day by day Ethiopian news update on August 18, 2021. Demeke talked exhaustively about the beginning of the fear-based oppressor TPLF assault on the Northern Command of the ENDF, including every one of the ruinous demonstrations of the gathering prompting the current day. The attacking power is right now doing open intrusions, plundering, and killings in the Afar and Amhara areas said Demeke featuring the mind-boggling philanthropic, monetary, and social violations the gathering has been submitting in the expressed locales.

While carrying out this load of wrongdoings and injustice, the Deputy Prime Minister said, the U.S. Government picked quiet which was unique of the intimate connection between the two countries. Demeke further communicated Ethiopia’s standing assumptions that the U.S. would appropriately censure the damaging demonstrations of the attacking powers such that fits the connection between the two nations.

The global-local area should underline that the gathering has been upsetting the district since its initiation, the Deputy Prime Minister added. The exceptional agent, on his part, said the U.S. Government impeccably comprehends the perspectives of individuals of Ethiopia on the TPLF.

He said keeping up with, asserting, and supporting Ethiopia’s sway, harmony and solidarity are the basics of U.S. Strategy on Ethiopia.

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