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Inspector Markos speak about the incidents during the holy day

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Tadias Addis – Interview with Inspector Markos about the episodes that occurred during the blessed day. The year finished with battles between two enraptured gatherings in Ethiopia: the people who need Ethiopia to be divided and the individuals who would prefer not to witness that. Aside from the taking off expansion, we have likewise seen the deficiency of lives and self-assertive obliteration of public and private property.

The supported statehood of Ethiopia was likewise being referred to, and by and large, it is feasible to presume that the year was loaded with difficulties and challenges. In spite of the way that the year was brimming with difficulties and vulnerabilities, it likewise brought some certain components.

The idea of Ethiopia and the character of being Ethiopian was delegated to each edge of the country. In such a manner, I for one need to stretch out my appreciation to those gatherings who pursued the annihilation of Ethiopia. They helped us a ton in lighting our solidarity. I had never seen Ethiopians bound together this much in my life.

That is one of the silver linings of the obliteration and the commotion. Had we dealt with it before, the commotion would not have cost us the life and properties it did. In any case, as a senior, I say yes there is as yet an opportunity to resolve the issue by means of discourse.

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