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Interview By Teshager Tasew

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Ethiopia has announced a highly sensitive situation in the southern piece of the Amhara locale in a bid to stem lethal ethnic brutality.

The move comes following three days of brutality in the town of Ataye, the protection service said, adding that troops have been conveyed to subdue the agitation. The service said an unknown number of individuals were murdered in the assaults.

Ethiopia’s main ombudsman, Endale Haile, revealed to AFP news office that brutality in Amhara had effectively killed in excess of 300 individuals more than a few days in March.

The most recent savagery seems to have focused on Oromia exceptional zones in the country’s second-most crowded local state.

The Amhara area is overwhelmed by the ethnic Amhara bunch – Ethiopia’s second-biggest – however the Oromo exceptional zone is populated essentially by Oromos, the country’s biggest ethnic gathering.

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