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Interview with artist Beki X Aman on Seifu show

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Meeting with craftsman Beki X Aman on Seifu show. Lauded by numerous individuals as the new solid of hip-jump in Ethiopia, the craftsman’s capacity to transform a notable sort as hip-bounce into something totally his own procures him merited recognition by Amharic music sweethearts. The craftsman’s capacity to utilize smooth Amharic words without stammering and gorging English words in the center has gotten him profound respect and jealousy from the more established age who aren’t as vigorously engaged with the hip-bounce music scene.

In spite of the fact that his unassuming beginnings live in utilizing Graphiti workmanship as a type of articulation, the craftsman has nimbly progressed into the music scene with his unique style and stream. Kassmasse isn’t only a standard hip-jump craftsman; his style of music is exceptional to him and his group in that it has its own type that he gets a kick out of the chance to call ‘antsar’. “I would depict my style or class of music as “Antsar” which generally means viewpoint.

What we were attempting to do was make another research center in the event that you will for the new age of sound, where we could test with various sorts of music. We needed to think of a classification through which we can advance my first EP ‘Maleda’; we were unable to allude to it as hip-bounce or some other sort besides, so recommended ‘antsar’ as an alternative. It was my point of view of the music so I proposed the name for the class inside which individuals can bunch the EP.”

“Actually, the mix of sorts like pop, Reggae, Hip Hop, RnB, Jazz and as such blended in with a bit of the old and new carries with it an undiscovered tune for any craftsman to fiddle with. Antsar/Perspective/, for me, straightforwardly surveys and paying attention to the music according to the artist’s perspective.”

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