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Interview with artist Dubale Melake, who returned from Raya front

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Craftsman Dubale Melake who was at Raya’s front seen what’s happening out there. It is notable that after the visit by the US uncommon agent for the Horn of Africa, Jeffrey Feltman, the US had forced guide cuts and visa limitations on Ethiopian authorities over the Tigray emergency. The move irritated numerous Ethiopians. From that point forward, the connection between the two has disintegrated and the visit by Power was viewed as a perpetual endeavor by the US to constrain Ethiopia to submit to its requests.

Once in Ethiopia, Power just met the Ministers of Health and Peace. The force appears to have been educated regarding the apparent promotion of US preference as she over and over put forth attempts to portray the US as a non-sectarian accomplice to Ethiopia during a question and answer session hung on August 4, 2021, at the Sheraton Addis. During her discourse, she expressed: “I need the Ethiopian public to realize that we try to draw in with you, and with your administration, based on a bunch of qualities, not to play top choices or to pick sides during a contention.”

She further showed that these qualities include: “… there is no tactical answer for an inner struggle. Qualities like all gatherings should end threats and consent to a prompt truce and start discusses compromise and troop and civilian army withdrawal from adjoining locales… Other qualities – values like, compassionate guide laborers ought to be allowed to tackle their responsibilities and never be designated, assaulted; and they ought to have unhindered admittance to the frantic Ethiopian individuals whose lives they are attempting to save.”

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