Interview with artist Marta and Chernet

Chemistry in movies can exist between a pair (or more) who are either friends, foes, or frenemies, in addition to a romantic partnership. Their dialogue is made fascinating and engaging by the actors’ performances, the director’s direction, and the screenplay. How would you describe this, in your own words? How would you specifically define the relationship these actors would have? What elements are at work to make the actors’ interactions improve the movie? Even though I mentioned that the storyline and direction are crucial, the performers’ chemistry is what matters most. I challenge you to describe harmony in words because it is difficult to do so. Utilizing the physical characteristics of other actors was one of the things that I found to be effective in establishing chemistry. I look for characteristics about the actor that make me think of someone I truly care about or love, especially when you need some history or where you need to fall in love. It might be a sister, dad, or boyfriend. For me, it’s frequently the color of the eyes. Jonathan’s eyes remind me of those of an ex with whom I’m still very close. You can use the actor’s comparable eye color as a means to make the scene more authentic for you if it exists. When you look at that eye color, it makes you think of genuine emotions.

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