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Interview with artist Zenebu Gesese

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Craftsman Zenebu Gesese was shocked by her child and grandkids. Then again, there have been various restrictions. As shown above, political race authorities appeared late in some surveying stations. The Reporter discovered that political decision authorities neglected to arrive as expected in various surveying stations in Gondar, Bahir Dar, and Addis Ababa. In a sub-surveying station in the Yeka sub-city, political race authorities just displayed around early afternoon. That implies races began distinctly in the early evening.

Another Election Day issue related with the NEBE is the broken conveyance of political race reports. There were far and wide instances of surveying stations getting some unacceptable local gathering archives. For example, Nefas Silk Lafto Woreda 2 Anbessa Garage surveying station got local committee archives that were intended to be shipped off Bole sub-city. The political decision began at 9:30 a.m in that surveying station with acquired records from a close by surveying station. Such misunderstandings assumed their own parts in deferring the democratic cycle and intensifying the enduring of citizens.

Two or three individuals The Reporter addressed additionally reprimanded the NEBE for not condemning Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s (Ph.D.) social accomplishments at a neighborhood eatery as, as they would see it, it established crusading on Election Day. The Reporter’s group of political race journalists detailed various political decision anomalies the nation over. A portion of the significant abnormalities The Reporter announced in significant towns are expressed.

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