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Interview with Betoch Drama actress Makeda Alemu and Melat

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Entertainer Melat said the information disclosed about me isn’t correct. Seifu on EBS Interview with entertainer Makeda Alemu and Melat. Tsegaw Tesfaw, who is the co-maker of the comic book and functions as an artist says he’s grown a great deal through the experience of chipping away at Qedamawi. “Dealing with the story, I found out much about Ethiopian and African history and societies.

Chipping away at the delineations has sharpened my creative art. The comic book requires commitment and energy; in this manner, it is both energizing and baffling. Taking a gander at a completed scene has an incredible fulfillment.” Although it has taken longer than anticipated to make the comic book a reality, Fanuel is pleased with the work they have created.

“I think we’ve utilized our creative mind without being beaten by conditions. Envisioning 2000+ years into the past is troublesome. A creative mind is a freedom. We can defeat a lot of that way. It helps reconnect with our mankind.”

Qedamawi works around topographical, semantic, and ethnic divisions that may have existed around then by mixing numerous components together. Names, apparel styles, and different qualifications are obscured by intersection limits. They talked with an interpreter and an etymological master attempting to nail down the particular vernaculars and discourse designs that were well known during that period.

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