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Interview with Buna FC player Abubeker Nassir

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Abubeker Nassir is an Ethiopian expert footballer who plays as a forward for Ethiopian Coffee S.C. also, the Ethiopian public football crew. Nassir left his first club Harar City in 2016 (2009 E.C.) to join lasting stalwart Ethiopian Coffee. Nassir at first played with the club’s B group before rapidly working his way into the senior group. In 2020, Nassir marked an agreement augmentation with Ethiopian Coffee that would keep him at the club until 2025.

Ethiopian Coffee Sport Club has its beginnings in 1976 when the representatives of Kefa Coffee Processing chose to build up a football club. Subsequent to social affair the necessary number of players, the club was enrolled as Coffee Board Sports Club on the kebele level to participate in neighborhood competitions. The club at that point moved to play in the AEWA Factory laborers Association level, the third division of Ethiopian football at that point.

Financed to a great extent by the Kefa assembly line laborers at that point, the club offered its players work at the plant as a motivation to keep them at the club. Thus, players would work the morning shift at the manufacturing plant and afterward play football at night. Consequently, the principal official name of the club became, “Yenegat Kokebe” (Morning Star) concerning early raising assembly line laborers who were additionally low maintenance footballers. The club’s subsequent name was “Yebuna Gebeya (Coffee Market) Sports Club”.The club amassed an amazing four prizes and one reasonable play grant during its initial 6 years.

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