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Interview with Dawit Alemayehu

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Nardos Tafesse is a 19 old Model from Ethiopia. This tall (1.78m), flawless and certain model was considered and experienced adolescence in Addis Ababa. She grew up with her grandparents and was amazingly restless as a child. She says she bothered her grandparents to take her everywhere. Ezega.com columnist, Eden Habtamu, conversed with her lately and got some data about her life, interests, and provisional courses of action.

Nardos has colossal dreams. This twelfth-grade understudy not simply should be one of Africa’s top models, yet likewise, study Political Science and become one of the driving political figures in Africa. Explaining her goal to be an incredible government official, Nardos said “I should be this superb and perceptible prime Minster, working for the improvement of our country.”

Nonetheless, her adolescence didn’t particularly encourage her to pursue showing and greatness challenges, it animated her to believe in herself and certainly. She said, before she took the showing getting ready in Haresh Modeling, she couldn’t attempt to ‘walk’. Nardos acknowledges the readiness that opened the entrance for her and engaged her to see what she needs to bring to the table.

As of recently, Nards has won various crowns: Miss Virgin, Miss Millennium, Miss Coffee, and Top Model. She uncovered to us happy that she got five crowns in the five difficulties she shared locally. She moreover went to Asia and the Middle East (China, Japan, Philippines, and Dubai) to check out various difficulties.

Nardos likes getting books (especially those related to authoritative issues) and creating works. She puts her entertainment energy in very places comparably to swimming. She believes herself to be a fair crowd. “I love to focus on people, instead of chatting with them.”

Asked what it took after to win her first substance, Nards said “It was the Miss Virgin test. I was genuinely empowered and satisfied to have gotten the crown and to propel the uprightness of being a virgin.”

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