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Interview with Gete Mekuanint

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Ethiopia News – Interview with Gete Mekuanint. Inhabitants of Hawassa and adjoining woredas have partaken in the convention which was gone to by all portions of the region. The demonstrators have communicated their preparation to remain with the Ethiopian National Defense Force and the public authority in their work to end the monstrosities being submitted by the fear-based oppressor TPLF and its teammates.

Talking at the event, Chief Administrator of Sidama Regional State, Desta Ledamo, said individuals of not set in stone to buckle down to make a prosperous Ethiopia by disposing of psychological militants – Desta Ledamo. He said individuals of the district are resolved to battle against the psychological oppressor TPLF and Shene. “We, individuals of, not set in stone to make a prosperous Ethiopia by disposing of the psychological militants who are attempting to destroy the country,” he added. He approached all Ethiopians to fortify solidarity to thwart the deceiver and fear-based oppressor gatherings’ long-standing aspiration to destroy the country.

The Chief executive has likewise informed individuals regarding the worldwide local area, who have been endeavoring to achieve their advantage with the cost of Ethiopia’s disappointment, to draw exercise from history and abstain from their activities. Demonstrators communicated their obligation to remain with the public authority and ENDF and censured the psychological oppressor TPLF for its intolerable demonstrations.

The occasion was gone to by Chief Administrator of Sidama Regional State, Desta Ledamo, Deputy Mayor of Hawassa City, Assistant Professor Tsegaye Tuke, and other senior government authorities.

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