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Interview with Natnael Asmelash

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The insider facts of the Villa and Guest House properties of TPLF individuals have been given over to government police, The mysteries revealed by Natneal Asmelash. Envoy to Ethiopia, Djibouti, and the African Union in January 2019, Ambassador Al Busyra Bansur has been perhaps the busiest represetative in the nation, heading out to various pieces of Ethiopia. AL Busyra, a previous writer, has an experts’ degree in worldwide law from the University of Santo Tomas in Manila, Philippines, and has worked in Indonesia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs in a few positions. Before he was doled out as the Indonesian Ambassador to Ethiopia, he filled in as Indonesia’s representative to America, the Philippines, and Italy in different positions.

The Ambassador composed a book named ‘Public discretion: Notes, Inspiration and Hopes’ in 2018. He likewise composed a book on Ethiopia named ‘Ethiopia Now’ in July 2020. The minister intently works with Ethiopian Youth affiliations. The Reporter’s Sisay Sahlu plunked down with the Ambassador to talk about the political, financial, and by and large respective relations of the two populated countries and the current political circumstance in Ethiopia.

I have been here for over two years. To be perfectly honest speaking, I had no idea in my brain that the President planned to send me to Ethiopia. Before the President chose to dole out me to this extremely excellent and significant country, not in my most stunning creative mind did I fantasy about being appointed here since I’ve burned through the greater part of my profession as a negotiator in Asian nations, Europe like Rome, and furthermore in the United States as a Consul General of Indonesia. Furthermore, when I got some answers concerning my task, I said: is it valid? However, eventually, I found the solution. The President’s choice was great and I said he sent the correct man to Ethiopia.

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