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Interview with OLF Vice Chairman, Kejela Merdasa

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The marriage of Shene and TPLF is an injury for the Oromo public. Aside from the current line of conflict, the stunning connection of the two experienced the quarrel about the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD), the focal point of a local debate since the time the task was dispatched in 2011.

Writing that examined the historical backdrop of the discretionary connection between the two shows that in spite of its particular dynamism, since old occasions, the relations have been molded by the two nations’ area on the Nile and their separate relations with Egypt. Ethiopia contributes the vast majority of the Nile water, while Egypt is the area’s biggest shopper of that water in spite of the fact that it doesn’t add to it.

The two nations have since quite a while ago battled for predominance over the Nile’s water, albeit generally, these have frequently been representative battles. Up to this point, Ethiopia didn’t have the ability to limit Egypt’s admittance to the Nile water. Truly, Sudan’s nearest relationship has been with Egypt. Egypt controlled Sudan and they share the Arabic language in like manner.

Sudan likewise shares the Blue Nile with Ethiopia yet the exchange, phonetic and strict linkages are not as solid. Additionally, in contrast to the comparable topography and environment of Sudan and Egypt, the stamped contrasts between the hot marsh fields of Sudan and the rough high countries of Ethiopia have prompted the advancement of divergent societies and economies in these nations.

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