Interview with pastor Benyam Shetaye

The minister stood up before him about the contention. Meet with minister Benyam Shetaye. The last conversation with the private area delegates has been held seven days prior. Before the conversation started with the private area, the public authority has been occupied with the distinguishing proof interaction for labor and products that will be opened on the streamlined commerce conspire for African nations, which will be opened bit by bit just as different areas that would be completely shut. Mussie Mindaye, Director General of Trade Relation and Negotiation at MoTRI, said that practically every one of the remarks that came from the private area were lined up with the public authority’s determination and recognizable proof of areas.

He said that there were a few distinct remarks that came from the private area which will be remembered for the public authority proposition and would be postponed for the Office of the Prime Minister (OPM). “We will finish up the last report which will be sent by the following week to the executive of the guiding board of trustees, Mamo Mihretu, Senior Advisor and Chief Trade Negotiator in the Prime Minister’s Office,” Mussie told Capital, adding, “The director, is mindful to present the record for definite endorsement.”

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