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Interview with Professor Mulugeta Gebregziabher

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Educator Mulugeta Gebregziabher on VOA Is starvation truly being utilized as a weapon in Tigray? In the new Communiqué he mutually had with his National Security Council, he put the Ethiopian individuals into three classifications. The first are the individuals who work from abroad to destroy Ethiopia. The second comprises of those Ethiopians inside the country who work deliberately and energetically to execute the plan of those in the first. In the third are those Ethiopians who accidentally help out these two. The amount of these three sections leaves no Ethiopian really working to benefit the nation, save the Prime Minister and his supposed Prosperity Party. Again the panacea the Prime Minister nags are the coming political decision.

This powers us to ask inquisitively, “What is this political race?” It is a political race that is intended to be done under the unrepresentative constitution of the old system, in the entirety of its turbulent districts, with all the boisterousness of the supposed Special Forces of a portion of the Kills, in some unacceptable time, without a free political race commission, with no autonomous body to address political race grumblings, with the most unfortunate strategic and interchanges frameworks, under a decision party that has unbound admittance to state assets and all the state device of concealment. The severe battle pursued by our kin against the TPLF drove EPDRF for a very long time was neither against the language they talked nor the locale they came from.

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