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Interview with the founder of Mary Joy foundation, Sister Zebider

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Meet with the organizer of the Mary Joy establishment, Sister Zebider. Financial Strengthening intercessions are the mainstay of MJDA’s program and throughout the long term, MJDA has been getting encounters in engaging the objective local area monetarily. Drawing in ladies and youth in pay acquiring exercises are planning to uplift weak local gatherings from neediness traps.

The mediations target PLWHA, socio-monetarily minimized ladies, jobless youth, and parental figures with professional ability preparing, preparing on Business Development Service, on limited scope business improvement and monetary administration, on a business venture and give startup capital. enlisted as Mary Joy Development Association and with the new Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia Charities And Societies Proclamation page # 4521 as Ethiopian occupant Charity with Reg. no. 0060 under the Federal Charity and Society Agency.

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