“Is it ok to say this” a poem by Behailu G/Egziabiher

We use poetry to chronicle our own lives, and not all of the chapters are depressing. A humorous poetry is a great way to share a funny anecdote and make someone’s day. Some poems can be built around a narrative such that they have a unifying theme and flow. You can consider retelling a humorous incident that happened to you in your poem. You don’t always need a narrative to explain why something makes you laugh. You can instead write about someone, someone, something, or a scenario that is hilarious. Parody. A parody is when a tale or other piece of writing that already exists is made funnier by using different terminology while maintaining the original writing style. You should absolutely put this strategy into practice because it will help you improve your poetry-writing abilities. For instance, if you were to utilize the same rhyme pattern but humorous, contemporary wording to tell the story, you could create a spoof of one of Shakespeare’s poems.
Hyperbole. Exaggeration and hyperbole are excellent ways to add humor to poetry. A excellent approach to get your reader into the rhythm of your poem is with vivid, extravagant descriptions.
Language. Funny language inspires funny stories. Consider amusing words, phrases, pop culture allusions, rhymes, and sounds. Use repetition for humorous effect without fear. Make reading your poem aloud enjoyable or tongue-twisting. Strong poetry Enjoy creating your poetry! Use your imagination at your discretion. Get imaginative, daring, and silly. After that, make sure to publish your humorous poetry on PowerPoetry.org to make everyone laugh.

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