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is this a tree or what?

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Let me count the ways: you convert carbon dioxide into oxygen, you sequester carbon, and you provide habitat for a variety of animals. There are many reasons why we should all be tree-hugging hippies, but for the purposes of this piece, we’ll just concentrate on how beautiful these trees are. Granted, not all of these fantastic, beautiful trees are trees (the Wisteria is a vine, Rhododendrons are shrubs, and bamboo is technically a grass), but we’ll excuse them because they’re incredible, massive, and lovely. So, take a deep breath of fresh air, take in the beauty of nature, and embrace the nearest magnificent tree to express your gratitude. Trees are among the world’s oldest living organisms, and they occur in every size, shape, and color. Flowering trees, thorny trees, and rainbow trees are all beautiful and have the ability to enhance any environment they are in. Here are some of the world’s most gorgeous trees. Every November, a Gingko tree near the Zhongnan Mountains’ Gu Guanyin Buddhist Temple drops yellow leaves, turning the temple into a yellow ocean.

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