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Domestic violence victims are overwhelmingly women worldwide, and women experience more severe forms of violence. They are also more likely than men to use intimate partner violence as a form of self-defense. Domestic violence may be acceptable or legally tolerated in some nations, particularly in circumstances of actual or suspected adultery on the part of the woman. According to research, there is a direct and significant relationship between a country’s level of gender equality and rates of domestic violence, with nations with lower levels of gender equality seeing greater rates of domestic violence. Domestic violence is one of the most underreported crimes in the world, affecting both men and women. Furthermore, because of social stigmas associated with male victimhood, men who are victims of domestic abuse are more likely to be neglected by healthcare providers. Domestic violence frequently occurs when the abuser believes they have a right to it, or that it is acceptable, justifiable, or unlikely to be reported. It may result in an intergenerational cycle of violence in children and other family members who believe such violence is appropriate or allowed. Many people do not recognize themselves as abusers or victims because they may view their experiences as out-of-control family conflicts. Domestic abuse awareness, perception, description, and documentation varies greatly among countries. Domestic violence is also common in the context of forced or child marriages.

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