It hurts me to sit while she is working hard

Everyone experiences grief differently, and it never goes away. Refrain from saying things such, “I should be moving on by now,” and give yourself as much time as you require to recover. You have to go through it, no matter how difficult it may seem. The longer you wait to begin feeling better, the longer you will have to struggle with unpleasant emotions. Heartbreaks will increase in frequency and intensity as your grief changes. It will occasionally feel like gentle, ebb-and-flowing waves. On other days, though, it could feel like an overwhelming wave of feeling. Don’t try to criticize the way your feelings come out. Remind yourself that it’s acceptable to completely enjoy happy moments when you sorrow. A significant loss, such as the passing of a loved one, will appear very different from a job rejection. It’s critical to remember that it’s acceptable to not feel okay in both situations and to give yourself permission to feel what you’re experiencing. You’re going to have bad days even if you’re trying everything to move past your heartbreak. Accept them as they are and try again the next day. You shouldn’t count on your pain to end until it’s ready. Recognize that this is your new reality and that it will take some time for your sadness to heal. Books can help you cope with heartbreak by providing both solace and distraction. Nor do they have to be large-format self-help books.

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