It is a holiday for when he says he loves me

What is the key to a contented and enduring marriage? Despite the fact that this age-old query appears to come up at every engagement, anniversary, and wedding celebration, it is still difficult to give a precise response. Every couple is different, and even the most successful partnerships need to be nurtured and looked after. If you’re young, in love, and unsure about how to “make it work,” ask some of the more successful older couples you know for advice on how to make their relationship last. Your relationship will suffer if you are unable to speak with your partner honestly and frankly. Inform your partner of your needs, wants, frustrations, feelings, and so on, and ask them to do the same for you. This does not imply, however, that you should speak out whatever comes to mind; instead, exercise kindness and respect. As a relationship, having effective communication can help you get past difficult times and keep small disagreements from becoming big ones. Both partners in a healthy relationship must be willing to modify their behavior in order to respect one another’s preferences. After all, one spouse may become bitter if they give and give without ever seeming to receive anything in return. As separate, individual humans, you and your spouse will inevitably quarrel from time to time. For the partnership to be strong, you both need to be prepared to make concessions and give up some control. Furthermore, pick your battles wisely. Avoid getting into a heated dispute about little issues.

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