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It is a song that I was awarded hundred thousand birr – Esayas Tamrat

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Meeting with Ethiopian craftsman Esayas Tamrat on Sunday on EBS. Not long prior to leaving, I figured out how to ask the old priest: “Why you look so glad and fulfilled as though you have satisfied the entirety of your cravings?” His answer was basic: “I killed every one of my longings!” He then, at that point held my hand and said: “There is one story I need to advise you before you go,” he sat with me under a tree and stated: “At some point, a man holding a piece of stone asked God to transform the stone into gold.

God heard him and transformed the stone into gold. The man promptly tossed that gold snatched a greater stone, and asked God a similar inquiry. God replied and transformed that stone into gold. The man again tossed the huge gold, snatched a lot greater stone, and asked God exactly the same thing. For the third time, God did as the man inquired. Then, at that point, the man figured ‘for what reason should I stress over a stone since there is a mountain close by?’ the man arrived at the mountain and requested that God transform the mountain into gold.

God changed the mountain to gold. Presently the man, ready with his cunning, asked God ‘please God reduce all who wish for more modest dreams.’ God indeed paid attention to his supplication and decreased him”. “Your longing is an unending desiring except if you know where your cutoff points are,” the elderly person closed. “So figure out how to realize when to pause and thank for what is at your hand. Really at that time, you will experience inward harmony and fulfillment in this life.”

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