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It might be the friend or the Bajaj driver

If movie soundtracks have taught us one thing, it’s that it can’t rain all the time and the sun will come out tomorrow. The difficult aspect is deciding when to give up and how to weather the storm strong. If everything in life were sunshine and rainbows every day, wouldn’t it make things so much easier? Sadly, it isn’t the case. A difficult period is an inevitable part of being human. There are moments when life becomes so difficult that we are unsure of how we will be able to handle the difficulties and remain resilient. You’ll notice that the first recommendation whenever you search for “how to stay strong during tough times” on your preferred search engine is always to “accept reality.” Naturally, it’s easier said than done. The final phase of grieving is called acceptance for a reason. To get there, we have to go through every other emotion in a cycle. Anger, bargaining, denial, and despair are all necessary steps toward acceptance. Sometimes adults too need to hear that message. Being powerful does not imply that you are self-sufficient. Quite the reverse, actually. It’s realizing that we can’t always accomplish everything on our own. One of the finest strategies to maintain your strength in trying times is to acknowledge that some issues are too huge for one person to handle.

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