It was a normal picture of my relationship…love sometimes makes us blind

Many of us spend hours on social media mindlessly scrolling, and by the time we realize it, hours have passed and we frequently feel worse than we did before. Excessive usage of social media has been associated with depression, anxiety, and loneliness, among other undesirable emotions. Even though the majority of studies conducted to date have focused on the effects of social media on adolescents, adults are also susceptible. Even as a psychiatrist who is aware of the detrimental effects of social media on our mental health, I have frequently struggled with the want to compare myself to others, and many of my patients have also mentioned having similar problems. So, how can we restrict our use of social media to stop these harmful effects? The following suggestions will help you take proactive measures to counteract social media’s harmful effects. Being mindful entails being more perceptive and observant of our habits. The greatest method to take control of our social media use is to first be aware of how we’re using social networking sites in the first place, as a large portion of our usage comprises mindless scrolling. We may be more proactive about finding strategies to mitigate social media’s negative effects once we are aware of our usage habits and the emotions that are involved. Set time restrictions on how much you spend on social media. The amount of time spent each day on social media is linked to unpleasant feelings, according to studies.

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